Collection: Play & Learn

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When picking developmental gear or toys for a newborn, choose items that offer gentle sensory stimulation, such as soft play mats, varied textures, and high-contrast patterns to engage the baby's developing senses. Look for products that promote laying on their back and practicing tummy time, such as activity gyms with hanging toys to encourage reaching and grasping. We love Montessori play arches, including the Lovevery Play Gym.
As babies can sit up on their own and start to bear weight on their legs after 6 months, they’ll desire more exploration and active play. Select developmental gear and toys that encourage this exploration and promote fine motor skills, such as activity tables like the Skip Hop and busy boxes with interactive elements.

As baby starts to pull up to stand, walk, and climb, provide push walkers and climbing structures like the Foamnasium and Montessori climbing triangles/arches to encourage their development and mobility.

Ensure the toys are sturdy, stable, and have smooth, rounded edges to prevent injuries and always make sure play is supervised.
When choosing large developmental gear or toys for a toddler, prioritize items that encourage active play and physical development, such as climbing structures, ride-on toys, or balance bikes. Look for toys that promote problem-solving and imaginative play, such as play kitchens, to support cognitive and social development. Ensure play is supervised!