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Saves Time

Stop endlessly searching for what your little one needs 

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Use premium gear with an affordable membership 

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We recommend the right products at the right time 

  • Get a list of recommended gear

    Let our Gear Concierge customize your baby gear roadmap or browse by stage to self-select. You do you.

  • We deliver to your doorstep

    Assembled gear will arrive at your doorstep, on your schedule. Every item comes package-free, ready for your family to love. 

  • Seamlessly swap

    Over it, outgrown it, or ready to move on? We’re ready and waiting to swap your gear for something new.

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You’ve got enough to worry about - Leave the baby gear to us

  • JoyLet members rely on our team of Gear Concierges to assist with research, selection, and getting rid of baby gear. 
  • We can help create your baby gear roadmap and make recommendations for every age and stage. 
  • Trust in our expertise because we’re parents and baby gear pros. 
  • Lighten your mental load when you outsource baby and toddler “stuff” to our team. 
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"I can't say enough good things about this company! The whole process was streamlined and the communication was incredible."


"Quality products that are clean and in good condition and I love not having the clutter."


"We've used JoyLet a few times now and all experiences have been great! So glad this service exists!"

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