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Most baby swings and bouncers can be used from birth, assuming baby meets the minimum size requirements for the particular swing and most developmentally outgrow their swing and bouncer by about 6 months old. Your swing and bouncer are great tools to soothe and entertain baby when you need a hands-free moment to prepare a bottle, shower, or do anything else! Each baby is different and prefers different motions, so sometimes finding the best swing or bouncer for your baby takes trial and error.

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By 6 months old, most babies have outgrown their swing and bouncer developmentally even if they’re still within the size limit for the container.. Around 6 months or so, baby will be sitting up on their own and desire more freedom and other forms of stimulation. Some swings and bouncers may offer adjustable features for extended use, but we find that in reality, most families aren’t using them that way based on our data. To support baby’s desire to sit upright, consider trading in your swing and bouncer for a floor seat, like the Upseat.

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At this stage, your child has long outgrown their swing, bouncer, and floor seat.

Explore developmentally appropriate gear in our “Play & Learn” collection.