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Little Partners Learn 'N Fold Learning Tower

Little Partners Learn 'N Fold Learning Tower

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Age Range: 2-6 years old

Average Rental Duration: 5 months

Unlike traditional step stools that can be bulky and unsafe for young users, the Learn ‘N Fold™ Learning Tower® by Little Partners® provides a safe environment for your little one as well as a compact design that stores easily in your home when not in use.

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Lets your little one feel involved in the kitchen, bathroom, or wherever they need a boost

Four-sided railings provide security and peace of mind for parents, while providing your child the confidence and independence to climb in and out of the folding learning tower unassisted

The Learn ‘N Fold™ locks securely into place and easily folds up when not in use, storing away conveniently in a closet, pantry, or garage

As your child grows, so does the Learn ’N Fold! Simply adjust the platform to two height positions (From floor- Position 1: 12.36”, Position 2: 18.01”), no tools necessary

Dimension & Details

Assembled Weight: 16.30

Assembled Dimensions: 22.23"(L) x 24.49"(W) x 34.50"(H)

Folded Dimensions: 22.23"(L) x 11.97"(W) x 38.67"(H)

Designed in USA to meet the needs of young children ages 2-6, the Learn ’N Fold supports up to 150 lbs

Constructed from the highest-quality layered Birch and Poplar that is EPA TSCA Title VI and FSC (Forest Stewardship Counsel) compliant

Finished with child-safe, non-toxic paint and materials. Safety Tested to ASTM F963-17 and 16 CFY Part 1307 for lead, heavy metals, and phthalates

Safety tested using ASTM(F96-30) and Home Playground Equipment (F11-48-98C)

What’s included in my rental?

Learning Tower

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Case & User Instructions

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Please reference the user manual for safety information prior to use.

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When you rent with JoyLet, you’re part of our fam. We’re committed to providing a top-notch experience for you, the same as we would for our own little ones. Because we own and care for all of our items, you can expect gear that’s not just safe and clean but also looks darn good in your home. 

Between rentals, every item goes through our rigorous 3-Point Care Process:

  • Clean with baby-safe, non-toxic products
  • Sanitize with steam and NICU-grade disinfectant 
  • Inspection by trained professionals who reassemble and test each item according to the manufacturer’s specifications

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