Collection: High Chair Rentals

At Joylet, we specialize in offering the finest high chairs, currently featuring the Maxi Cosi Moa High Chair as our exclusive model.

Our team is dedicated to sourcing the best high chairs available, focusing on quality, functionality, and design. While the Maxi Cosi Moa High Chair is our top pick for its outstanding features and reliability, we're always on the lookout for new and innovative models to add to our collection.

We understand the importance of having a high chair that meets all your needs, from ease of cleaning to adjustability for growing babies. Our goal is to provide a range of high chairs that cater to various preferences and requirements, ensuring that parents can find the perfect match for their family. Keep an eye on our selection as we continue to explore and expand our offerings.

What if the high chair I'm looking for isn't available?
We're always on the hunt for the finest high chairs. If you come across one that's not featured in our collection, please suggest it by sending us an email at

What's included with my high chair rental?
Each high chair rental comes with a variety of components. For a full rundown of what's included with your specific high chair, please visit the product page.

What if I fall in love with my rented high chair? Can I buy it?
Certainly! JoyLet members have the option to purchase their rented high chair. We'll subtract your rental fees from the retail price, so you'll just pay the difference. If you're interested in keeping your high chair, simply let us know by emailing