Delivery & Pick-Up

Where is your service area?

We currently service customers in Washington DC and the surrounding Maryland and Virginia suburbs. We’ll be opening in Baltimore soon.

When should I order?

As soon as you know your due date you can place an order with JoyLet. After checkout we allow you to select your preferred delivery date - 7 days (or more) from the day you place your order. Ordering in advance helps us deliver baby gear from JoyLet more sustainably. If you need a piece of gear in a hurry, just contact us at care@joylet.com and we’ll be happy to try to accommodate your request.

How does delivery work?

During checkout you will be asked to select a delivery date. Currently we deliver and pick-up in the mornings before 1pm.

Your item will be delivered package-free and partially or fully assembled to your doorstep on that date.

Note that an adult must be present for delivery unless other instructions/arrangements are made (i.e. code for garage or package room provided, doorman receives delivery, etc.)

How does pick-up work?

When you are ready to part with your gear, simply cancel your rental in your customer account. Please do this 3-days before your next bill date. After you cancel your subscription, JoyLet will reach out to schedule your pick-up day.

Currently we deliver and pick-up in the mornings before 1pm.

Note that an adult must be present for pick-up unless other instructions/arrangements are made (i.e. code for garage or package room provided, doorman receives delivery, etc.)

Can I swap my gear for another option?

Yes!  JoyLet was built to provide caregivers with much needed flexibility to find gear that works for their unique family. You can swap your gear anytime. The best way to do this is to cancel your current rental in your account and book your new rental. We’ll pick-up your old gear and deliver your new gear on the date selected at checkout for your new gear.

If you are swapping for another item in the same gear category (i.e. Snoo bassinet for MamaRoo bassinet), we’ll credit the value of  any unused time of the first gear rental to the next bill date of your new gear.

Do I need to be home for delivery or pick-up?

Yes, an adult must be present for delivery and pick-up unless other instructions/arrangements are made (i.e. code for garage or package room provided, doorman receives delivery, etc.)

JoyLet's Quality Standards

How does JoyLet select its baby gear for rent?

We scour the market for the best baby gear rated and reviewed by parents, medical professionals, and experts. We pick only top-of-the-line gear that meets our quality standards. We do the research so you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on our curated selection of top baby gear and toys making it easy to select what your child needs. Of course, we are also open to considering suggestions from our customers!

In what condition will my gear arrive?

Your gear will arrive new or in gently-used condition. It will have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using non-toxic, environmentally-certified, and NICU-grade products. It will also be tested for quality and safety. Gear is delivered ready to be used.

How is JoyLet's gear cleaned?

When you rent with JoyLet, you’re part of our fam. That means we’ll never deliver something to you that we wouldn’t give to our own little ones to use. You’ll only receive premium gear and toys that are safe, clean, and beautiful to display at home. 

Safety and cleanliness are our top priorities. Each item undergoes a 3-Point Care Process of CLEAN > SANITIZE > INSPECT. While each item gets its own special care routine, below is an overview of our typical process. 


Select Baby-Safe Cleaning Products

JoyLet uses only baby-safe, non-toxic products to wash and sanitize its gear. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) categorizes the safety of consumer cleaning products for babies. When selecting cleaning products, such as detergents, we look to the EWG for guidance.


The typical first step in JoyLet’s process is to vacuum each product from top to bottom, removing dried dirt, crumbs, and visible signs of dust and pet hair. We use a specialized, high powered vacuum with small attachments that can access all the nooks, crannies, and seams.

Treat Stains

After vacuuming, we inspect the gear for stains. The nature of the stain determines our approach. Most stains we encounter may be treated with a higher concentration castile soap solution, free-and-clear detergent, distilled white vinegar and/or baking soda. We typically use a soft brush to work the solution in and release the stains.

Wash & Wipe

After the stain treatment has time to work its magic, it’s time to clean the product from top to bottom.

Starting with the hard surfaces, we wipe these down with a solution of castile soap and warm water.

For fabric surfaces, many of our fabrics are machine washable. For those items, we follow the instructions on the garment tags and launder using free-and-clear detergent (pro tip: you can wash your JoyLet gear at home by following these instructions). For non-machine washable fabrics, we also consult the manufacturer recommendations. Typically we massage and wipe down fabrics using a microfiber cloth and solution of castile soap and warm water.


Hard Surfaces

Now that the products are clean and beautiful, it’s time to sanitize to kill any remaining germs we can’t see.

For hard surfaces, we use CaviCide disinfectant. CaviCide is a medical-grade, non-toxic disinfectant that is trusted by hospitals and NICUs to sanitize even the most sensitive of medical equipment.

Soft Surfaces

For most soft surfaces, we sanitize using an EPA compliant steamer with a HEPA wet/dry vacuum. That’s a lot of acronyms, what does this all mean? First we use an EPA (environmental protection agency) compliant steamer to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and mold. In combination with this steam treatment, we use a vacuum containing a HEPA filter, meaning it extracts and traps allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen.



Once our products are clean and sanitized, it’s time to reassemble and test the products before approving them to go back out to be loved by a new family.

If you’ve ever taken a stroller apart, you can relate that it can be a headache to figure out how to reassemble it. Beyond the manufacturer user guides, JoyLet has a proprietary database of disassembly and reassembly instructions that are referenced by our team to ensure products are reassembled appropriately.


We then test potential weak points such as straps, brakes, springs, and wheels to ensure these parts are secure. If necessary, JoyLet replaces parts to ensure the product functions like-new.

After passing reassembly and testing, a JoyLet Quality Control team member approves that item to go back out on rent with a new family.

Caring for my Gear

What happens if I stain the gear? How carefully should I treat the gear?

We understand that life happens and babies are messy! We expect that you’ll use the gear in the same manner as if you owned it. We expect you’ll respect and maintain  the gear as if it were your own and we understand that messes will occur. Each item includes a cleaning guide for maintenance during the rental period. After your rental, we follow a rigorous cleaning process and can remove most stains.

If the gear sustains damage beyond repair, we reserve the right to charge for the gear’s current retail price less any rental payments you’ve made to date. If this occurs, you may keep the gear.

What happens if I break the gear?

Our gear is the best in the industry. It is durable and well made and will arrive to you in new or gently-used condition. If the gear sustains damage beyond repair, we reserve the right to charge for the gear’s current retail price less any rental payments you’ve made to date. If this occurs, you may keep the gear.


How does my subscription billing work?

When you book your rental you will be charged for the first month at check out, but your rental will start on the day your gear is delivered. We will then charge your credit card every 30 days after your delivery date for the subsequent month. If you are done using an item, please be sure to notify us at care@joylet.com before your next billing cycle to avoid being charged for an additional month. We charge by the month only and do not offer proration.

What's the minimum rental duration?

The minimum rental duration is one month. Your subscription will continue to bill monthly until you cancel your rental in your account.

Although we do not discount the monthly rental rate for partial month rentals, we are happy to schedule pick-up of your gear before 1 month.

Besides my rental rate, what other fees should I expect?

Service Fee: will be charged at checkout. This includes delivery at the start of your rental, pick up at the end of the rental period, and cleaning your gear. Note that members do not pay this service fee.

Sales Tax: Baby gear rentals are subject to local sales taxes which will be added to your monthly rental rate.

That's it. There are no hidden fees at JoyLet.


Can I add JoyLet gear to my baby registry?

Of course! The best way to do this is by adding JoyLet gift cards to your registry. If you are using a universal registry such as Babylist or MyRegistry, simply use the browser extension to add a gift card. Alternatively, you may copy and paste the link from www.joylet.com/rent/p/gift-cards. Reach out to care@joylet.com with any questions on this process, we’d be happy to help.

What if I don't see the gear/toy I want?

We’re always on the lookout for the best baby gear, if you find a product that isn’t listed suggest a product by emailing us at care@Joylet.com

What's included in my rental?

Each rental comes with different parts. Please review the product page to see a complete list of included items and accessories for that specific item.

What if I love my rental? Can I keep it?

Yes, JoyLet members can buy out their rental item; we will apply your rental payments towards the retail price of the item and you just pay the difference. If you are interested in keeping your item, just let us know by emailing care@joylet.com.