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Upseat Baby Floor & Booster Seat

Upseat Baby Floor & Booster Seat

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Age Range: 4 months - 2 years

Average Rental Duration: 6 months

Give your child the best possible seating solution as they learn to sit and explore their surroundings. The Upseat Ergonomic Baby Floor and Booster Seat was developed with the guidance of leading physical therapists to encourage proper upright posture and to be safe for your baby’s developing hips.


Developed with physical therapists, the Upseat engages the muscles responsible for proper upright posture and safely splays your baby’s hips in a development-friendly position.

Versatile 3-in-1 design can be used as a floor seat for sitting up, a booster seat using the handy conversion straps, or a feeding seat with an attachable tray.

Provides large leg grooves to accommodate healthy thigh sizes. The Upseat also positions their hips in a safe and healthy position.

Lightweight design and convenient handle allows for easy transportation.

Dimension & Details

Product Weight: 5.4lbs

Product dimension: 15"D x 16"W x 10"H

Product Materials: Polyurethane

Recommended age range: Can be used from the time baby can sit up (typically around 4 months) until 2 years old. Most families get the most use out of their upseat between 4-10 months

Maximum allowed weight: 30lbs

What’s included in my rental?


Large Tray

Safety Harness

Booster Seat Conversion Straps

Delivery & Returns

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We charge a service fee at checkout to cover delivery, pick-up, and cleaning. The service fee rate fluctuates based on delivery distance to your address.

You may pick up and drop off your gear yourself at our Northeast DC warehouse. Use code FREEPICKUP at checkout if you would like to use this option.

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How Billing Works

We bill on a monthly basis.

At checkout you'll be charged for your first month's rental + delivery if applicable.

We won't bill you again until 1 month after your delivery date. We encourage you to book in advance! You can reserve rentals up to 1 year out!

We'll continue to charge your payment method each month until you cancel your subscription in your customer account.

If you are ready to part with your gear, be sure to cancel your subscription before your next bill date.

Case & User Instructions

All gear is delivered cleaned, sanitized, and ready to use.

Please care for your gear as if you owned it! Refer to fabric tags and/or the user manual for instructions on how to care for your gear during your rental.

Please reference the user manual for safety information prior to use.

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