A Real Review of the MamaRoo Swing

A baby swing, like the MamaRoo Swing, can be your best friend in the early months with a new newborn. Baby getting fussy? Pop them into their MamaRoo. Need free hands to prepare a bottle (or do literally anything else)? Pop baby into their MamaRoo.

The MamaRoo swing is one of our favorite options on the market. Read more about our other faves to make the best choice for your family.

What is the MamaRoo Swing?

The MamaRoo is a baby swing suitable for children from birth (with the infant insert) up to about 6 months. In the early months, the MamaRoo swing can be used to soothe and entertain your baby. It has 5 motions and 5 speeds that mimic the bouncing, rocking, and swinging of being in a caregiver’s arms. It also has a toy mobile overhead for sensory stimulation and music and white noise options. Parents love the MamaRoo when their body needs a break from holding baby or they need a safe place to place their baby when they need to attend to another nearby task. 

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How long can you use the MamaRoo Swing?

Technically, you can use the MamaRoo swing until your baby reaches 25lbs, but we find almost all of our JoyLet families use it until their baby is about 5 to 6 months old. By about 6 months old, your baby will have developmentally - both cognitively and physically - outgrown the swing and will be ready for more active play.

What are the Pros & Cons of the MamaRoo Swing?


  • Space Saver: Although the MamaRoo is the largest swing in JoyLet’s collection, it is a space saver compared to other interactive options because its base doesn’t extend out beyond the seat and it doesn’t hang from framing.  
  • Mimics Mom & Dad: Unique Movements that mimic a human’s which help effectively comfort the baby. Can be a lifesaver for your back and legs if you have a baby that needs lots of movement.
  • Easy to Clean: The seat cover and infant insert are removable and machine washable.
  • Adjustable Recline: Incline is adjustable to suit baby’s age (i.e. use full recline for newborns and increase incline as baby grows)


  • Every baby is different: Some babies don’t react well to the motions and sounds
  • Outlet Required: The swing needs to be plugged into an outlet which can be inconvenient based on the layout of your living space.
  • Hard to Move: Weighing in at 19 lbs, it can be cumbersome to move to different areas of the home if needed.
  • Clunky Tech Features: Bluetooth and Smartphone app are a bit clunky and it’s faster to just use buttons on swing itself.

Why Rent the MamaRoo Swing?

Parent love renting their MamaRoo swing because babies grow out of it in about 6 months and it may take trial and error to understand their preferences for soothing and entertainment.. Renting offers the flexibility you need without the long term commitment.

What are the Key Specs?

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  • Included in JoyLet Membership: Yes 
  • JoyLet Non-Member Rental Rate: $55/mo + Service Fee
  • Retail Price: $309.98 (including infant insert)


15 pounds

Assembled Dimensions

26.25" long, 23.5" wide, 35.5" tall

Age & Size Limit

25lbs or until your child attempts to climb out (whichever comes first)


  • Motions & Sounds
    • Five motions and Five speeds (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, wave)
    • Four sounds (music and white noise)
  • Adjustable recline to grow with baby
  • Wifi smart home integration
  • Bluetooth functionality for control from your smartphone (we find parents prefer to just use the control panel on the swing itself)
  • Overhead toy mobile


JoyLet Verdict

Bottom line – the MamaRoo swing is one of the best options on the market - it comes with all the bells and whistles. But at the end of the day, all babies are unique and have different preferences. That’s why it’s no surprise the MamaRoo swing is one of our top rentals here at JoyLet. Parents get the flexibility to see if the swing works well for their baby without the risk of buyer’s remorse

Why you should trust us

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About the Author: 

Alli Cavasino

Alli is the co-founder of JoyLet and is all about intentional living. She has a passion for creating sustainable systems that make it easy to elevate everyday life and loves helping others do the same. When not building JoyLet, she loves soaking up quality time with her husband, baby boy, and goldendoodle - preferably in sunny 75 degree weather with an iced latte in hand :)

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