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Take our optional quiz and tell us a little bit about your family and needs. A JoyLet Gear Guide will send you personalized recommendations for selecting gear, toys, and/or creating your registry.

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Rent gear and toys tailored to your little one’s development stage. Rent by the month with no long-term commitment.

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Rent a JoyLet curated bundle tailored to your little one’s development stage or create your own bundle. Either way, the more you rent, the more you save. Learn More

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Schedule Delivery

During checkout you will be prompted to pick a date for the gear to arrive at your doorstep.

Alternatively, you may opt to pick-up and return the gear yourself to our Northeast DC-based warehouse. Use code FREEPICKUP at checkout for this option.

You can typically book a delivery as soon as 2-6 days in advance.

Most customers plan ahead and book their delivery a few weeks or months in advance as this ensures gear will be available when you need it and will be delivered on time.

You can always contact us to update your delivery date if needed.

Note that all gear will be delivered to you cleaned, sanitized, package-free and ready to use!

Keep, Return, or Swap

Hang on to your gear for as long as you want with our flexible rental terms. We'll auto-bill you each month.

When you are done with the gear simply cancel your subscription or swap for something new.

Be sure to cancel your subscription 3 days prior to your next bill cycle.

JoyLet will follow-up to schedule pick-up of your gear after you cancel your subscription.

Clean, Sanitize, Inspect

When you return your gear, the item(s) will go through JoyLet's standardized Clean, Sanitize, and Inspect process to ensure the gear is in clean, safe, and great condition to be loved by its next family.

Read more about our process in the FAQs.